"More Powerful than  

Gann and Fibonacci" 


Right now I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found you. The techniques you have shown me are going to change my life. I have no doubt. I have seen several programs that claim to have made a discovery, but failed. What you have here is what Gann dreamed of. I really believe that. I think your discoveries are more powerful than Gann and Fibonacci. Anyway, I can't tell you how thankful I am and appreciate what you have shown me.  Greg M       


"Brilliance and Simplicity!" 


I've just finished reading RM (Reversal Dynamics), very impressed. You really should substantially raise the price for your tri-package and limit the number of people who can have the luck to find and benefit from you. Brilliance and simplicity are my words for your RM.  Ace 


"I Just Find it AMAZING"  


I begin to suspect Michael that you are either a genius or you have been down to the cross roads and sold your soul to the devil. As I begin to understand a little bit about Balance Dynamics I just find it amazing as are your reversals and (channel) surfing.  


Michael to be honest you are changing my entire trading methodology and it has to be said for the better. You certainly have a convert.  John 


"2 Winning Trades...Thank you!" 


It is really incredible how accurate it is for reversal points. I trade ES intraday 5 min chart and short term index (NDX 100) - 2 to 5 days trade. I read the full manual on Friday morning and follow in the afternoon the market with real data and could scalp 2 winning trades. Thank you very much for this powerful tool.  Harold 


"Changed the Way I View  

and Trade the Markets" 


Just a quick note to say thanks for your help. All three systems has changed the way I view and trade the markets. I especially want to say thanks for the time spent assembling the video tutorials you send me when I have a question. Phil C 



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U.S. Government Required Disclaimer - Commodity Futures Trading Commission Futures and Options trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the futures and options markets. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. This is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures, stocks or options on the same. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. 






Our well-rounded approach to trading addresses three distinct aspects; price, time and trade management. Two of our methods actually predict specific price action and the third provides trade management techniques for achieving maximum profits. Together they provide an advanced level of trading that elevates you to a truly professional level. We call this method of trading Predictive Reaction. Trading is maintained as long as the market follows the predicted result. The true power is seen in how well and how often the market behaves just as predicted. 

Success is about being in the Right Place at the Right Time
The POWER of Three

If you've tried one training program, you've tried them all, right? Almost everyone says they're sick of getting their expectations up and then not seeing the advertised results. If you're serious about becoming a more profitable trader, then read on... 

Are you frustrated?    Do you feel like...

But don't just take my word for it. There are hundreds of people that have used our tools. Read below and let a few of them tell you how our tools have made a dramatic difference in the trading and profitability

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Power of Three Video 

Letter from Michael J. Parsons

From: Michael Parsons  

  Date: Tuesday, December 20, 2008 


  Dear Trader, 


I was once a losing trader that used to look at historical charts in frustration, wondering if there was a proven way that would have allowed me to pinpoint the explosive moves in different markets ahead of time...I only wish I could have had the solution to doing this sooner. 


     And I will show you how you can do the same quickly and easily. 


     Picture this, WITHOUT having to count, multiply, or do anything mathematical, you look at a chart as it unfolds and "see" a pre-determined Reversal point as it approaches. When that time arrives, you place your order to buy and suddenly after you place the order, the market reverses and heads in a bullish direction.  


     If being able to to tell when any market will make significant moves ahead of time is of interest to you, then this might be the most important letter you will ever read. 


     If you want to stop sitting in front of your monitor all day, waiting for the move of the day to happen and instead know when the significant moves are going to happen in any market and in any time frame and learn to do this 100% risk free while receiving comprehensive personal support, then listen up...  


     I live in a small rural area in Maryland, USA and lead a very normal lifestyle for the most part. For years, I have been able to pinpoint with exceptional accuracy, the major turning points in various markets and time frames from 1 minute to daily charts.  


    This is because I have been able to reach a level of understanding of the markets that very few people will ever reach! 


     I have quietly watched trading product after trading product appear on the market claiming to be the latest and greatest discovery at predicting market reversals. I have watched website after website spring up on the internet overnight promoting trading products with the author claiming to have found the Holy Grail of trading and I have also been informed on many, many occasions about how often these products fail to meet the requirements of traders


     I will never claim that I have found the Holy Grail of trading but I can confidently say that, because I am able to routinely work out the reversal times of the markets of my choice and capitalize on the big moves on a daily basis, as I have done for years, I no longer have to sit in front of my computer not knowing when the significant moves of the day are going to happen.  


    And in a few moments, I am going to share with you exactly how I do it. 

  • What if you could know that a market was going to reverse on a particular day and then you switch on the TV on that day to find that the market was down 145 points before open?
  • What if you could find a way to pick the highest/lowest points of 100 or 200 ticks in advance?
  • What if you learn a new way of looking at the market tonight and then make $1,125 tomorrow using your new knowledge? 

(By the way, these are not my results but are results reported by people 

who have duplicated my system. But more on this a little later) 

No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on this web site and in any of the testimonials. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results. Only trade with risk capital that you can afford to lose. 

     How much better would you feel if you no longer had that dreadful feeling of losing money in the market that you hoped would allow you to improve your standard of living? Would it feel better if you didn't have to worry about putting your kids through college? Would it be better if you could stop being in fear of a low retirement income?  


     I am guessing that you would be much better off if you could achieve these things. I know how you feel because I have been there myself.  


     I know the feeling of walking up to my computer before trading and experiencing the anxiousness of not knowing how the day was likely to unfold, is the market going to be kind enough to repeat a condition that one of my model trading setups was going to take advantage of? Am I going to recognize that condition late? Will I have to review the trading day after market close and make sense of things after the fact, again? 


     The markets no longer intimidate me, although I always maintain a very healthy respect for them. This wasn't always the case. 


Let me tell you more about my story. 


I First Started Trading Back In The Eighties! 


     Like most people, I was attracted to trading because of the potential  rewards. The wonderful picture painted by advertisements of trading courses of how easy it can be to make money was the main factor. I bought trading course after trading course and put a lot of time and effort into trading, hoping to realize the trading lifestyle that I read about so often. 


     I was full of optimism. The days on which our postman would deliver a package with a trading course would be very exciting, I would lock myself away for hours reading the materials and became fascinated with how great the methods seemed. I would locate the setups on the charts and everything would then make sense. I would paper trade and would be thrilled with the results and feel so proud of myself for having made the right decision in buying that course.  


     I Was Bitten By The Trading Bug! 


     I would then put real money on the line and trade these methods in real-time. The setups didn't seem to work out as described in the courses and I often found this out too late...after the damage had been done. 


     I quickly found out that any fool can make a profit in trending markets. I also found out that trending markets don't happen that often. Indicators were not reliable enough and I began to realize that most of the systems being sold did not live up to their claims. 


     I would get anxious but would continue trading mainly because I was in denial that I could have made such a wrong decision. I would start getting worried but I would reassure myself "its all part of the game, the winners are going to make up for the losers".  


     But that wasn't the case.  


     I would continue to review my trades at the end of every day and reassure myself that I would take advantage of similar situations next time.   


Then, Things Went From Bad To Worse! I Suffered A Neck Injury  

Which Required Two Operations That Eventually Led To Both Back And Neck Problems And I Became Unable To Work! 


Trading had become my primary source of income and I was still not consistently profitable at it! The losing trades kept adding up and things got to the stage where I was past the point of desperation and panic. I was despondent and felt hopeless. I was angry at the money I had lost and I was very low. I simply couldn't understand how I could have been so wrong.  


     Twice I had trading losses become so great that I had to stop trading for a time.   


I Was So Fed Up With My Lack of Trading Success That I Became 

Determined To Find Something That Wouldn't Let Me Down


     I knew there had to be more that the market was telling me than what I was interpreting. I had become so astute at looking at a chart that at times I could even say where the market was heading and when it would arrive. But more often than not, the market decided a different course than what I expected.  


     Up until this time, I had already studied many of the most highly respected methods for trading the markets.  


     Indicators that worked in some market conditions failed miserably in others. I studied different wave theories but found them unrealistic to interpret anything meaningful until after the market had done its damage.  


     Fibonacci numbers offered something to calculate but were just unreliable enough to make me too nervous to commit any more real money to trading them. Gann, cycles, and Andrew lines - the list is endless.  


     After my lack of trading success, I spent years studying thousands of charts, tried every angle, process, calculation and perspective I could think of. I spent tens of thousands of hours trying to make sense of the market action. Then, when it seemed that I had exhausted all possibilities, I applied an idea I had to a chart that would forever change how I looked at the markets.  


     At first, I thought it was just a coincidence. So I checked to see if it worked elsewhere on the same chart.  

It worked!  


     So I checked to see if it worked on other charts. Again, it worked on them perfectly, as well. I couldn't believe my own eyes or contain my excitement! To this day, I couldn't tell you in what market I first found the discovery.  


     During my research prior to my discoveries, I had become so astute at looking at a chart that at times I could even say where the market was heading and when it would arrive. But more often than not, the market decided a different course than what I expected.  


     I had been trading long enough to know that I was seeing something more than what was typically known about technical analysis. It was my engineering background and trading experience that made me see relationships in the charts and I had a strong hunch I was right about what was really happening. 


     After weeks of refining my work, I already knew I had uncovered an extremely powerful methodology, but I didn't share my discoveries with anyone at that time. 


     I had formed a friendship with a couple of traders and in reviewing some markets I mentioned that I expected a reversal in a particular market we were discussing. The obvious question was why and I simply stated I was using my own time technique. When it happened they were very interested to know what I was doing. I explained a rudimentary version and they were ecstatic to learn this, calling me a genius.  


     A few weeks later there was a broker who posted on a forum that he was searching for unique reversal methods and even posted two that he had. I told him I had a technique, but decided to write up a short set of instructions first. When I was done I had over two dozen pages.  


     It was then that I realized that if I handed this to a broker I may very well endanger my own secret that I had worked so hard on. So I never gave him a copy.  


     As a couple of more weeks passed, the friends I had shared the technique with had questions about a few situations they had run into. They were issues that I had never thought of before, or up to that point seen. So, I realized that they had just helped me refine the technique in a substantial way.  


After 14 Years of Refinement, I Have Decided To Finally Share  

My Discoveries With A Limited Number of Traders! 


I look forward to helping you meet your trading goals




Michael J. Parsons 

I learned something from all of the popular trading methods that I bought, but 

they all had their inherent faults...

some of which are: 


The majority of trading methods require you to watch the market for extended periods of time. They don't take into account that not all people are, or want to be, full-time traders. 


Time is a priceless commodity and it is important that traders spend it efficiently. The reason why most trading methods require you to spend considerable periods in the markets is due to  uncertainty, they have no tried and tested approach to anticipating what the market is likely to do next.  


A good trading methodology should enable you to anticipate the market ahead of time and only get involved under the most favorable conditions. Trading this way will enable the average person to trade  part-time with more confidence while enabling those that are full-time traders to make the most of as many trading opportunities as possible. 


The majority of trading methods don't allow you to trade all time frames.  


A good trading methodology must be flexible and reliable so as to let you take advantage of opportunities available within different time frames. If you prefer to swing trade just for extra income without wanting to go full-time, you should be able to do so without being hindered by a system that uses 10 minute bars. Vice versa, if you want to be a full-time trader, a system that only swing trades daily charts isn't going to meet your requirements.